Original custom made ring from your child’s artwork. Choose from two different sizes then pick the number of colours you wish to be used, your finger size and upload the drawing. We will look after everything else.

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For more info on sizes see our size guide

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Adorn yourself with a personal piece of jewellery. Or give a one-of-a-kind gift. Turn your child’s cute drawing into a beautiful ring cast in sterling silver and finished with epoxy resin. Using a unique process combining modern technologies and skilled hand craft, we turn the drawing into a 3d form cast in sterling silver and filled in with coloured epoxy resin to resemble the original drawing as closely as possible. Presented in luxury jewellery box and completed with personalised greeting card with child’s drawing on the front and personal message inside, Silverdoodle gift is sure to impress.

Available feature sizes:
Small – 1 x 1 cm
Medium – 1.5 x 1.5 cm

Refer to our printable size guide for more information.

Materials: Sterling silver, epoxy resin

None of the options fits your idea? Contact us and we will be happy to come up with a tailored solution.

How to order:

Step 1
Select the desired size and number of colours you wish us to use – this can differ from the original drawing. We can reduce the number of colours in the original drawing by unifying similar colours or replacing them all with one. Just tell us what colour you’d like us to use in the order note at checkout.

Step 2
After you add the item to the shopping cart, proceed to checkout, where you will be asked to upload the drawing (a scan or photo) and provide a brief description of what you’d like us to achieve, name and age of the child and your required personal message for the greeting card. Do not worry if you miss anything, we will get in touch if we require more information.

Step 3
When you are happy with your order, proceed to payment. You can securely pay with your credit or debit card.


1 Colour, Multi Coloured, Silver only

Ring Feature Size

Medium, Small

Ring Size

H (US 3 3/4, Metric 46), H 1/2 (US 4, Metric 46.5), I (US 4 1/4, Metric 47.1), I 1/2 (US 4 1/2, Metric 47.8), J (US 4 5/8, Metric 48.1), J 1/2 (US 5, Metric 49), K (US 5 1/8, Metric 49.3), K 1/2 (US 5 3/8, Metric 50), L (US 5 1/2, Metric 50.3), L 1/2 (US 5 7/8, Metric 51.3), M (US 6, Metric 51.5), M 1/2 (US 6 1/4, Metric 52.2), N (US 6 1/2, Metric 53.4), N 1/2 (US 6 3/4, Metric 53.4), O (US 7, Metric 54), O 1/2 (US 7 1/4, Metric 54.7), P (US 7 1/2, Metric 55.3), P 1/2 (US 7 3/4, Metric 55.9), Q (US 8, Metric 56.6), Q 1/2 (US 8 1/4, Metric 57.2), R (US 8 5/8, Metric 58.4), R 1/2 (US 8 7/8, Metric 59), S (UK 9 1/8, Metric 59.4), S 1/2 (US 9 3/8, Metric 60), T (US 9 5/8, Metric 60.6), T 1/2 (US 10, Metric 61.6), U (US 10 1/4, Metric 62.2)